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About Us

Our mission at Kansas Campus Compact is to build and strengthen the collective capacity of those who teach, study at, work with, and lead Kansas colleges and universities to integrate a commitment to civic engagement and responsibility into the higher educational learning environment.

Kansas Campus Compact funds and facilitates service learning and civic engagement at the higher education level. Our 13 member colleges and universities seek to break the barrier between university and community. We help empower that movement.

We belong to Campus Compact, a national coalition of over 1,100 colleges and universities. Founded in 1985, Compact set its sights on erasing the media-born stereotype of the self-absorbed, materialistic college student. Its founders saw students with hearts for their communities and hands to help them, and vowed to move powerfully—both on their behalf, and the behalf of the communities of which they are a part—by aiding in the process.

Compact’s efforts resulted in a national movement of college/university service in health care, environment, homelessness/hunger, education, literacy, and senior services. Compact’s benefit is twofold: it enriches educational environment and contributes to community, nation, and—in some cases, world—needs.

Kansas Campus Compact is headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas. We have been building civic engagement into campus and academic life and pushing the boundaries of traditional education since our establishment in 2003. We encourage you to tour our website. Take a look at some of our past and current endeavors, read up on Compact community and the programs it supports, and get a feel for who we are and what we do.