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Department of Kinesiology

Careers with a Kinesiology Degree

Our students examine all career paths available through our department. To assist them in this process, our Kinesiology guide helps students navigate through the course curriculum and into the health-related career of their choice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights the need for a variety of healthcare practitioners. Depending on your interest, our course curriculum allows you the opportunity to pursue a degree emphasis in three concentrations.

The Concentration Areas: 

These emphasis areas establish a fundamental knowledge base for students to spring-board into their professional careers.

So, what are people doing with a degree in Kinesiology? We'll let our students and alumni speak for themselves.

Hunter Post, Pre-Medical Doctor 
 Garett Lovoy, Pre-Physician Assistant. 
 Mia Taylor, Pre-Dental
Brett Bartholomew, Strength & Conditioning Coach/Entrepreneur  
Megan Herpich, Pre-Nursing.
 Sierra Grimm, Pre-Physical Therapy

 Pre-Health Advising:

Interested in these careers? Contact the College of Human Ecology's Pre-Health Advisors to chart your course: http://www.he.k-state.edu/students/services/advising/health-professions.html

Professional Mentoring Program

The College of Human Ecology Professional Mentoring Program provides students with the opportunity to learn from highly successful and experienced professionals by forging long-lasting, professional relationships. These individuals are alumni and friends of K-State who volunteer their time to help students prepare professionally and succeed in their chosen career.

To become a student mentee, you must be a junior, senior or graduate student in good academic standing, enrolled in a degree program in the College of Human Ecology and have at least two semesters remaining prior to completing your degree.

Apply to be a student mentee today at wildcatlink.k-state.edu!