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Department of Kinesiology

Department of Kinesiology
Kansas State University
Natatorium 8
920 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

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L.I.F.E. Program Fitness Center

About Us:

The L.I.F.E. Program is an integral part of the Department of Kinesiology's efforts to enrich the lives of people in our community. The Department of Kinesiology keeps this program open for faculty, staff, students, and community members who wish to utilize on-campus exercise spaces. The facilities that the L.I.F.E. Program makes available to community members are the Ahearn Field House and gymnasiums, the Natatorium, the weight room (room 7), the locker rooms, and our Life Fitness Center (room 4). These spaces are overseen by the  L.I.F.E. Project Coordinator. Members of the L.I.F.E. Program have access to these areas (with exception to the Natatorium) during our regular operating hours. To view membership pricing and see our regular hours of operation, please click here.

The L.I.F.E. Program offers a variety of activities throughout the day. Whether you are interested in exercising on your own in our weight room, playing noon-ball with the regulars (see our Jarvin Emerson Award), attending aqua aerobics classes, or reserving the gymnasium or field house for an evening event, the L.I.F.E. Program has something for everyone. If you are interested in finding out more about our Aqua Aerobics classes, please click here. Below are the facilities that are available to L.I.F.E. Members:


  • 200 Meter Indoor Track
  • Indoor Pool (Aqua Aerobics only)
  • Indoor Basketball Courts
  • Weight Room
  • Life Fitness Center (Room 4): During open gym.

The Kinesiology Department also reserves the Ahearn Field House and gymnasiums between the hours of 6:00pm - 9:00pm. For more information regarding reserving the courts or Ahearn Field House please follow this link. The Ahearn Field House and gymnasium courts are available for evening reservation by contacting the L.I.F.E. Project Coordinator

Need to update your membership or locker? Click here to make a payment with credit/debt card.

Want to work for the L.I.F.E. Program? Contact Us.

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