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Department of Kinesiology

Cardiorespiratory Exercise Laboratory

Directors: Timothy I Musch, Ph.D. and David C Poole, Ph.D.

Goal/Mission of the Lab

The Cardiorespiratory Exercise Laboratory, housed in the College of Veterinary Medicine complex, provides numerous opportunities to study the physiology of physical activity in health and disease through a variety of animal models. Research projects undertaken by the Cardiorespiratory Laboratory emphasize pulmonary gas exchange and the relationship between skeletal muscle structure and oxygen delivery at the microcirculatory levels. Various animal model experiments, ranging from treadmill running studies to examination of the response of muscle blood vessels to various drugs, are key to understanding the skeletal muscle blood flow and oxygen exchange abnormalities and dysfunction found in muscle that accompany major disease conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart failure and healthy aging. The 1,200 square foot facility includes state-of-the-art equipment such as intravital microscopy and phosphorescence quenching. Historically, collaborations across the Veterinary Medical School also permit study of large animals such as thoroughbred horses and elephants. The laboratory has acquired more than 3.5 million dollars in funding and contracts.

Ongoing Projects

Projects in the laboratory are presently examining the abnormalities in oxygen transport and exchange in skeletal muscle at the microcirculatory level in a number of animal models including chronic heart failure, type II diabetes, and aging. The focus of these studies is to determine how microcirculatory dysfunction is associated with decrements in skeletal muscle contractile performance and the early onset of fatigue found in these individuals. In addition, the laboratory is interested in how either pharmacological intervention and/or exercise training may be used as therapeutic modalities in the treatment of these disease states.

Upcoming Research Presentations:

Strolling Along the Oxygen Transport Pathway

Lab Contact Information

Timothy I. Musch, Ph.D. musch@vet.ksu.edu or
David C. Poole, Ph.D. poole@vet.ksu.edu
Clarenburg Research Laboratory
College of Veterinary Medicine
122 Coles Hall
1620 Denison Ave.
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506