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Department of Kinesiology

    Department of Kinesiology
    Kansas State University
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    Department of Kinesiology-The Past 30 Years

    Scientists in LabThe Department of Kinesiology has a long tradition at Kansas State University. The first mention of the study and promotion of physical activity can be traced back to 1863 when students enrolled in Kansas State Agricultural College were "put through inhalations and exhalations of air from the lungs." In the early 1920's the department offered a few coaching classes along with basic physical activity classes. The department in 1926 introduced a four-year professional curriculum for the training of physical education teachers. The basic program of activities expanded and every undergraduate student enrolled in the university completed two years of courses in the basic physical activities program. Separate male and female physical education departments existed until the Fall of 1972 when the two units combined and all programs became co-educational. During the 1980's the department experienced considerable programmatic change involving the movement in and out of the department of several smaller professional units (health, recreation, dance, and athletic training). The department name changed several times during these years to reflect the program changes. Kinesiology was adopted in 1992, and we are dedicated to the study and application of physical activity for optimal health. We currently have 500 undergraduate students majoring in kinesiology - the scientific study of physical activity. This is more majors than at any time during the history of the department. The names of the department heads over the past 30 years as well as the programmatic and name changes during this time are listed below in chronological order. We are confident that we have the faculty and curriculum to prepare these students to enter a wide variety of careers related to our mission (the study and promotion of exercise, fitness, and health) and to be successful and productive of our society as we enter the 21st century.

    Programmatic and Name Changes


    Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
    Health moved to Human Ecology in 1982.


    Department of Physical Education, Dance, and Leisure Studies
    Dual degree (B.S.) in Nutrirtion and Exercise Sciences established in 1986. Dance moved to Dept of Speech Communication, Theatre, and Dance in 1987 and remains there today.


    Department of Physical Education and Leisure Studies
    Athletic Training Curriculum Approved by NATA in 1989. Leisure Studies moved to Dept of Horiculture, Forestry, and Recreation in College of Agriculture in 1991 and remains there today; Teacher and Coaching Preparation moved to Department of Secondary Education, College of Education, College of Education in 1991 and has subsequently been discontinued.


    Department of Kinesiology
    Athletic Training moved to the Department of Secondary Education, College of Education in 1995 and is now in the Dept of Human Nutrition, College of Human Ecology.

    Department Heads

    1971                      Mickey Evans
    1971-1975           Charles B. Corbin
    1975-1776           Barbara Gench
    1976-1986           Don Kirkendall
    1986-1995           Larry Noble
    1995-2002           David Dzewaltowski
    2002-2007           Tom Barstow
    2007-2014           David Dzewaltowski

    2014-Present       Craig Harms


    by: Larry Noble