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Membership in the KGA allows you to be a part of a network of teachers and geographers concerned with improving geographic education and geographic literacy in Kansas. Through membership in the KGA, you will be kept informed about relevant events, activities, and opportunities to improve your understanding of methods available to advance geographic literacy. Our primary mechanism for contacting you will be through electronic mail.

The KGA does not share its membership list.

There are two ways to join the KGA. The first is to fill out the web form below and hit 'Submit', which will send this info to your email program to send to the KGA. The second is to write out the information requested by the web form and send it to the KGA via snail mail. If you need to change your address, simply fill out the web form again with the new information and write in the comments section that your address has changed (or do the same via snail mail).

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Donations are optional, but contributions help offset mailing and operating costs of the KGA. Please make checks payable to the Kansas Geographic Alliance. Click here for the KGA mailing address.