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Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering

Ambassador Application

Position Description:

This is a volunteer and leadership opportunity to represent the KAWSE office during outreach and open house events. Ambassadors serve as the first face of Kansas State University and the KAWE office.  Ambassadors provide information about the programs offered by KAWSE, give the inside scoop about K-State, and encourage young women to consider STEM majors!

Personal Information:

Daily Weekly Almost Never
Which Semester are you applying to serve as an Ambassador: Fall 2015 Spring 2016


How has the KAWSE office and programs supported you during your time at K-State or how do you believe the office supports women in STEM majors?(please limit to 300 characters)


What kind of experience have you had working with children/youth?(please limit to 300 characters)

 What would be some advice, words of wisdom or encouragement that you would share with a girl in middle or high school about majoring in a STEM field? (please limit to 300 characters)

What is one great K-State fact that you believe every woman should know?



Please provide 2 references of people who know you well and can speak to your skills. The references need to be someone other than your parent or guardian, e.g., a professor, past or current employer, advisor, etc. Please complete the info below and let your references know they will be contacted.

Reference Contact #1

Reference Contact #2