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Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering

Volunteer Opportunities

Serving as an Ambassador for KAWSE is a great way to add volunteering experience to your resume! KAWSE Ambassadors can serve in a variety of roles for our office, from representing us at K-State events, to local outreach events, such as science fairs, and so on. One of the most popular Ambassador opportunities is hosting high school students during EXCITE Shadow Days events. 

KAWSE Ambassadors Student Organization

The new KAWSE Ambassadors student organization focuses supporting girls' interest in STEM through visits to local middle/high schools. During these school visits, you will have the opportunity to talk with a group of students about your experience as a woman majoring in a STEM field at K-State. You also will be able to discuss the many career opportunities available to women in these majors, and advertise our GROW & EXCITE programs that can help students explore STEM fields. This is a great way to support young girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math! 

The main goals of the KAWSE Ambassadors are to: 

  • Focus on supporting and increasing girls' interest in STEM through visits to local middle and high schools within the state of Kansas.
  • Create a network among college women in various STEM disciplines who can share experiences to help one another grow professionally and academically.
  • Expand the network of women in STEM to include similarly focused organizations, such as AAUW and SWE, and collaborate with them for events.
  • Provide members with professional development opportunities through public speaking and volunteering.
  • Remain low commitment while providing high impact opportunities for all involved.

Interested students should contact Bailey Yates at bayates@ksu.edu to be added to the mailing list and Ambassadors GroupMail.

Officer Elections

Six individuals are running for office for the 2018-2019 academic year. You can review each individual's application by selecting their name below. The positions they are applying for are written next to their names. You can vote for officers in one of two ways: 1) attend the All Ambassadors meeting on Tuesday, April 10th at 6:00 p.m. in Seaton 1013, or 2) stop by the KAWSE office in Seaton 1011 during normal business hours up until Tuesday April 10th at 5:00 p.m. 

Alison Chan - Secretary, Social Media Chair, Community Outreach Chair

Angela Gearhardt - Vice President, Secretary, Social Media Chair

Maria Montes - Secretary, Community Outreach Chair, Marketing & Communications Chair

Marisol Munoz - President, Vice President, Secretary

Payton Masoner -  Vice President, Secretary, Open House Chair, Marketing & Communications Chair

Sydney Vahling - President, Vice President, Secretary, Community Outreach Chair, Fundraising Chair

Officer Descriptions


The duties of the President shall include:

· Conduct meetings and ensure all members receive notification of each meeting.

· Register the club annually with the Center for Student Involvement.

· Conduct elections and ensure they are held fairly each spring.

· Direct the efforts of the group towards the purposes and selected goals, providing metrics for success to the Faculty Advisor each semester.

· Lead the group, help develop executive members as leaders, and improve upon organizational infrastructure each year.

· Provide regular updates on the organization's activities to the faculty advisor.

· Provide a semester summary to the KAWSE Office Executive Director.


The duties of the Vice-President shall include:

· Assume position of the President in cases where they are not present or if they decide to leave office.

· Provide encouragement and motivation to all other officers and organization members.

· Assist with elections to ensure they are held fairly each spring.

· Represent the organization at official functions.

· Perform other duties as directed by the President.

· Provide regular updates on the organization's activities to the faculty advisor.


The duties of the Secretary shall include:

· Ensure meetings are properly minuted.

· Send notification of all meetings and events to members and Faculty Advisor.

· Communicate and correspond with all members regularly.

· Keep effective documentation and records (meeting attendance, emails, etc.).

Social Media Chair

The duties of the Social Media Chair shall include:

· Communicate to group members through the KAWSE Ambassadors' Twitter and Facebook account while maintaining the image of the KAWSE Ambassadors, the KAWSE Office and Kansas State University.

· Maintain confidentiality among the Social Media Chair and the advisor, of usernames and passwords for all accounts associated with the KAWSE Ambassadors.

Committee Chairs

The duties of each committee chair shall include:

· Community Outreach: Work with members of the group to contact various high schools in Kansas in order to set up school visits. Communicate opportunities to visit schools to the larger group. Ensure each member presenting at schools is properly trained and prepared.

· Fundraising: Set a budget goal for each year and organize fundraising events to meet this goal in order to support the organization as needed.

· Campus Outreach: Collaborate with other KSU organizations to promote the goals of the KAWSE Ambassador and help with advertising around campus.

· Marketing and Communications: Update all presentation materials and ask the group for feedback when necessary. Create any posters, flyers, handouts, etc. as suggested by the majority of the group.

Host a high school student for a day

Our EXCITE program brings high school students on campus to experience a day in the life a woman in STEM! Each participant is paired with a current K-State student (that’s you!) who is majoring in a field of their interest. Together you and your “shadow” attend class, share a free lunch, tour campus, and discuss what it’s like to be in a STEM major at K-State.

Spring 2018 Shadow Days

April 11, 2018 (Wednesday)