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Anytime we get together is definitely plenty of fun. Here are just a few sample images of times when we've gotten together. See each individual club (Our members page) for their individual activities.


Little Apple Juggling Festival '07

April 2007

Manhattan, KS

Images still en route. (Though there are lots on Facebook!)



World Juggling Federation Training Camp
16 - 22 Dec, 2006
Las Vegas, NV

The entire group; of KU: Alina, Carolyn, Ezra, Tio; of KSU: Austin, Bekah, Duncan, Joel, Ryan

Also at the Hoover Dam (after nearly 20 hrs of driving) en route to Las Vegas.

Tom (of California) and Austin (KSU) practicing the Kansas Shuffle 1.1

Ezra (KU) grabbing some munchies in the hotel room.

Tio (KU), too exhausted to stand, still manages to juggle whilst lying down.

The Kansas Shuffle spreads. Version 2.2 starring Tio (KU) and Joe (Colorado) on one end and Ryan (KSU) and Joel (KSU) on the other.

Bekah (KSU) practicing her club balancing.

Carolyn (KU) reading the manual.

Yes, after four days of straight juggling, props can become archetectural implements.

Tio (KU) getting his back 'doctored.'

Austin (KSU) taking on Jason Garfield (of the WJF) at DDR. (Austin won! woohoo!)

We left a note warning future passers-by of the cost of travelling to the meteor crater.



A visit to Manhattan
Fall, 2006
Manhattan, KS

Working on the Buffalo pattern...always keeps you on your toes. Clockwise from left: Ezra (KU), Ryan (KSU), Kevin (KSU), and Tio (KU).

Inventing something for 6 players. In addition to the previous picture: Lance (KSU) between Ryan and Keving, and Justing (KU) between Tio and Ezra.

The infamous line of death, where leaning to either side means disfigurement. From the far end: Austin (KSU), Alina (KU), Ryan (KSU), and Tio (KU).

Ezra (KU) with his marvelous one-ball-drop trick.

Andrew (KSU) lends Ezra (KU) a shoulder.

Ryan (KSU) described by Bekah: "Sleazy cheese."

Ryan (KSU) between Alina (KU) and Tio (KU).

Dangerous place for a wildcat to be...

...but the jayhawks were kind this day.



Joint camping

Summer, 2006

Pottawotamie State Fishing Lake #2

Amelia (KSU) testing out her new poi.


Justin (KU) trying on the mountain unicycle.

Tio (KU) with tangled glowing poi.

Brad (KU) puts on his imp face.

Ryan (KSU) clearly neither juggling nor helping set up camp.



Little Apple Juggling Festival '06

April 2006

Manhattan, KS

The day turned out a little moist, but it would take more than weather to dampen our spirits.


Gathered around for food: from the left: Bekah (KSU), Aiko (KSU), Justin (KU), Lance (KSU), Brad (KU), Kevin (KSU), Kirk (KSU), and way in the back is Jek (Nebraska).

Hiroaki (KSU) getting serious about polish sausage.

...and now finding the lighter side of polish sausage.

Ryan (KSU) bounces an idea off of Bekah (KSU), Justin (KU), and Tio (KU).

Lance (KSU) toys with fire.

...and tries some tricks.

Ryan (KSU) tries to bake his face.

Hero pose.

That fourth club is actually just a puff of fire (don't tell anyone).

Tio (KU) doing backcrosses with fire.

Hero pose.

Ryan (KSU) launches an underleg torch at Tio (KU).

Yes, we did take juggling props to all the bars for our pub crawl. Hooray for free drinks.







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