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Voicemail settings

Administrator configurable (set by NTS)

These are other options within the voicemail system but these must be configured by an administrator. Please call the NTS office to request changes to these options.

Change your message waiting light to voice mailbox other than your own extension:

It is not required that the message waiting light on your phone be associated with your own extension. This maybe useful for someone that is managing multiple voice mailboxes and one of the voice mailboxes is more important than then one tied to their own extension. It could be a secretary that has his or her own voice mailbox, but needs to respond in a more timely manner to the department's voice mail.

This arrangement cannot be set up by end users and will require that a workorder be submitted to NTS.

Change the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail:

There is a default of four rings before an unanswered call will go to voicemail. This can be set to a wide range from no rings and immediately going to voicemail or taking well over a minute to send a caller to voicemail. There are cases where a phone number will be set up that rings no real phone and immediately sends a caller to voicemail. And there are cases where individuals have heavy call volume and want extra time to pickup a phone call before a user goes to voicemail.

The number of rings before sending a caller to voicemail cannot be configured by the end user. For changes a workorder must be submitted to NTS.

A single extension having multiple mailboxes:

There may be cases where a single extension needs to allow the caller to choose which mailbox to leave a voicemail in. When the caller calls the extension, the caller will hear a recording with a greeting and it will indicate to press 1 to leave voicemail for User A, to press 2 to leave voicemail for User B, etc.

The end user cannot set up this configuration and must submit a workorder to NTS. Once it has been set up, we will work with you and instruct you on how to maintain the recording that the caller hears.