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Kansas State University

SAS/PC site license at K-State

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Program description

Kansas State University has a site license with the SAS Institute that provides the SAS software at greatly reduced prices. K-State departments, faculty, staff, and students are eligible to participate in this program. SAS software is available for Microsoft Windows only.

The SAS/PC Site License Agreement form should be used when placing orders. SAS licensing for K-State is handled by Information Technology Services,, 785-532-6520.

For information about SAS, visit the SAS website at

  • The SAS Customer Support Center is a good place to start. It contains a wide range of customer support services, including technical support, documentation, user groups and communities, software downloads and fixes, and training.
  • The Administrator Documentation for Windows has a complete list of available SAS products, their system requirements, and installation instructions.

License fees

To participate in the site-license program, there is an annual fee which licenses SAS for a single computer.

The annual fee is due Sept. 1. If you join the program in the middle of the year, your first payment will be prorated by month to the following September.

Departments, faculty, staff, and students can purchase SAS through this license. However, the payment to Information Technology Services must be through an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR). Individuals can reimburse the department issuing the IDR.

How to license SAS

To license SAS, fill out the SAS/PC License Agreement form (PDF) and take it and an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) to the Information Technology Services Business Office, Kansas State University, 2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 125, 785-532-6520.

Once the paperwork is completed, you will be notified via e-mail with instructions for installation.

Annual renewal

SAS is licensed annually. Each year, Information Technology Services will send you an invoice. If you pay to use SAS for the next year, you will be sent a license-extension password. The important dates are as follows:

July 31 The expiration date for the agreement between K-State and the SAS Institute.
Sept. 1 The expiration date for agreements between K-State and the sub-licensees.
Sept. 30 The date that the software starts warning if expired. SAS programs continue to run normally, but they will produce a warning message.
Oct. 29 SAS stops running unless the license is extended.

Mailing lists and network news

Two mailing lists on SAS topics are available at K-State:

KSU-SAS is a forum for K-State's SAS announcements and discussion. News and discussion of the site-license program is appropriate. It is hoped that the list will be low volume and all licensees will stay subscribed.

An attempt has been made to subscribe all licensees to the list. However, we do not know e-mail addresses of everyone. If you would like to be added to the list, send e-mail, using your preferred e-mail program, to In the body of the mail, include the single line:

subscribe ksu-sas Firstname Lastname

where "Firstname Lastname" is your real name, properly capitalized. Note that your e-mail address does not appear in the command; the From: line in the e-mail specifies your address.

If you would like to remove yourself from the list, again send e-mail to and in the body of the message, include the single line:

signoff ksu-sas

The signoff command must be sent from the same e-mail address you used to subscribe.

SAS-L global mailing list is a public SAS forum. As such, discussion of the K-State site-license program is not relevant. However, this is the appropriate list to discuss statistical problems and ask SAS questions. Subscribing and signing off this list can be done with the same procedures described above. Be sure to substitute the name of this list, SAS-L, in place of KSU-SAS.

K-State contacts

  • Questions about using SAS: K-State IT Help Desk,, 785-532-7722.
  • Questions about new licenses and billing: Brenda Gage,, 785-532-4927. She maintains the database of licensees and produces invoices.
  • Technical support: Site License Admin Group is the appropriate contact for questions about the site-license program and anything that doesn't fit any other category.

SAS training

SAS training is available in several forms, including training classes offered by the SAS Institute. For details, check "Customer Support & Training" at SAS's website:

A series of self-paced computer-based training is included on the distribution CD-ROM with SAS. Six courses are available:

  • Fundamentals of the SAS System
  • Reading Raw Data and Formatting Values with the DATA STEP
  • Creating, Modifying, and Processing Variables with the DATA STEP
  • Developing Custom Data Entry Applications
  • Creating and Enhancing SAS/GRAPH Output
  • Creating Tables with PROC TABULATE