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SAS site-license details

Program description

Kansas State University has a site license with the SAS Institute that provides the SAS software at greatly reduced prices. K-State departments, faculty, staff, and students are eligible to participate in this program. SAS software is available for Microsoft Windows only.

The SAS/PC Site License Agreement form should be used when placing orders. SAS licensing for K-State is handled by Information Technology Services. Questions should be sent to, 785-532-4927.

License fees

To participate in the site-license program, there is an annual fee which licenses SAS for a single computer.

The annual fee is due Sept. 1. If you join the program in the middle of the year, your first payment will be prorated by month to the following September.

Departments, faculty, staff and students can lease SAS through this license. Payment to Information Technology Services is via an Interfund Voucher (IFV) or by KSU Foundation check. ITS is unable to accept personal payment for these licenses.

How to license SAS

To license SAS, fill out the SAS/PC Site License Agreement form and return it with an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) or Purchase Order (PO) to the Information Technology Services Business Office, Kansas State University, 2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 125, Manhattan, KS 66502, or by fax to 785-532-0822.

Once the paperwork is processed, you will be notified via e-mail with instructions for installation.

Annual renewal

K-State renews the SAS site license annually. Each year, Information Technology Services will send current licensees an invoice. Upon receipt of the renewal fee, you will be sent a license-extension password. The important dates are as follows:

July 31 Expiration date for the agreement between K-State and the SAS Institute.
Sept. 1 Expiration date for agreements between K-State and students, faculty, staff who have licensed SAS.
Sept. 30 Date that the software starts warning if expired. SAS programs continue to run normally, but they will produce a warning message.
Oct. 29 SAS stops running unless the license is extended.