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Other Media Sanitization

There are a growing number of other media storage devices that can store University Data and therefore require methods for purging data before disposal or reuse. As is generally the case with technology, we are developing methods to safeguard data on these devices as they come to our attention.

Smartphones, PDAs, and Handheld devices

Mobile devices like Smartphones (e.g., Blackberry, iPhones, or Palm devices), PDAs, MP3 players, and even regular cell phones store information and often contain personal or other sensitive information. Any University Data must be purged from these devices before reuse or disposal.

It is also advisable to purge all other data from the device before reuse or disposal to protect your personal information.

In most cases you should be able to restore the device to factory settings and turn it into Facilites so it can be properly recycled or disposed of. In the cases of devices that contain especially sensitive information, it should be submitted to Facilities for shredding.