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LAN technologies

LAN Technologies provides hardware and software support for Windows and Novell operating systems. Our mission is to make the use of technology on campus an asset to every department. We strive to offer the best computing solutions, while maintaining high security and reliable performance. We provide a cost-effective, service-oriented approach to the support and creation of a centralized Windows oriented information technology infrastructure, inline with Kansas State University's technology goals.

What is LAN technology?

A LAN is a Local Area Network, which is a group of networked computers residing in a small geographical area, such as a campus. A local area network is ideal for a collaborative environment where sharing resources, such as files, is essential for business operation. LAN technology refers to the technologies used to create a local area network. These technologies usually consist of servers, clients, data and various applications.


  • Windows Server Support
  • Application Implementation and Support
  • Active Directory Services (ADS)
  • K-State Software Update Service for Windows (KSSUS)
  • File and Print Services
  • We also offer Windows System Administration SLA's for other campus groups

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LAN Technologies
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506