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Information Technology Services

IT Help Desk
Kansas State University
214 Hale Library
1117 Mid Campus Dr. North
Manhattan KS 66506


Computing Lab Locations

All labs are for K-Staters only, and require signing in with a K-State eID and password. The labs provide PCs and Macs with access to printing resources, including wireless printing for personal laptops.

Lab locations, hours, equipment available and notes.
Lab locationsHoursEquipmentNotes
Dickens Hall, Room 124/7
  • 32 PCs
  • laser printer
Includes SAS statistical software.
Hale Library,
K-State InfoCommons
See Hale Library building hours
  • 177 PCs
  • 27 Macs
  • 7 laser printers
  • 2 color printers
See the K-State InfoCommons page for more information.
Seaton Hall, Room 124/7
  • 20 PCs
  • laser printer
Includes AutoCAD software.
K-State Student Union, 2nd floorSee Union building hours
  • 10 PCs
  • laser printer

Includes SAS, SPSS, Mathematica, MATLAB, and ArcGIS.
Food and Drink Allowed