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2010 IT Award Recipients

Listed below are the current year's recipients of the IT Awards at Kansas State University.



Spirit of IT

Matt Cholick (OME)

IT Innovator

Gamage P. Dissanayake (KSRE-IT)

Customer Service Richard Becker (CTS)
IT Meritorious

Brian Arthaud-Day (iTAC)

ECC Engineering (ECC)

Non-IT Meritorious

Tim Carson (Department of Animal Sciences)

Gina Nixon (Department of Communications)

IT Rising Star Student

Patrick Rausch (OME)

IT Gold

Philip Sears (OME)

Team Gold

K-State Zimbra Project Team

Don Hogg Lifetime Achievement

Barb Newhouse (ECC)

John Streeter (ISO)

Special Recognition

Ramiro Carreon (iTAC)

Betsy Edwards (iTAC)

Shalin Hai-Jew (iTAC)

David Kaufman (ECC)

Jeremiah Poage (iTAC)

Rob Wirtz (CTS)

Previous Awards Recipients