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K-State IT Awards

The goal of the K-State ITS Awards and Recognition Program is to provide IT employees with awards and recognition which are valuable and coveted. Eligible nominees include technology employees from K-State's Information Technology Services units (CTS, ECC, ISO, iTAC, OME, and VP-ITS) and KSRE-IT.

Objectives of the IT Awards:
  • To create a sense of community and pride among IT employees
  • To demonstrate value and appreciation of employees
  • To improve employee morale and job satisfaction
  • To increase awareness of IT projects and accomplishments

Award categories

The following awards will be offered at the discretion of the Vice Provost for Information Technology and/or KSU Leadership:


All university staff, including IT employees, faculty, and students are encouraged to submit nominations. The nominations should represent an activity, service, or contribution that can be considered "above and beyond the call of duty." Nominations should include names of 2 individuals who have agreed to be references and can confirm the nominee's accomplishments.

An individual cannot nominate a candidate for more than 2 categories.


The IT Awards and Recognition Committee will make award selections and will serve staggered 2 year terms. The IT Gold award winner will serve as an ex-officio member for a one year term. The 2010 committee members are:

  • Gary Kepka (KSRE-IT) - Chair
  • Tim Bagby (iTAC) - Co-Chair
  • Jay Alloway (CTS)
  • Jeffrey Camino (ISO)
  • Christopher Casey (CTS)
  • Russell A Feldhausen (KSRE-IT)
  • David Pedergnana (ECC)
  • Cindy Sorrick (OME)