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Kansas State University

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Kansas State University
214 Hale Library
Manhattan, KS 66506
800-865-6143 (toll-free)
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Email upgrade committee

  • Jonathan Bycroft, Senior, Life Sciences
  • Chris Casey, Enterprise Server Technnologies, ITS
  • Bill Chestnut, K-State Salina
  • Anthony Cobb, Information Technology Assistance Center, ITS
  • Steve Coulson, College of Engineering
  • Joel Cranmer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Don Crawford, College of Architecture, Planning and Design
  • Eric Dover, Information Technology Assistance Center, ITS
  • Seth Galitzer, Computing and Information Sciences
  • Renee Gates, K-State Libraries
  • Heather Gordon, Senior, Management Information Systems
  • Larry Havenstein, K-State Research and Extension
  • Brian Lindshield, Human Nutrition
  • Anne Longmuir, English
  • Josh McCune, Office of Information Security and Compliance, ITS
  • Melissa Morris, Division of Communications and Marketing
  • Keith L. Powers, College of Education
  • Michael Raine, College of Business Administration
  • Dave Rintoul, Division of Biology
  • Scott Schlender, Graduate School
  • Lisa Shubert, Architecture Planning and Design
  • Bobby Specht, Senior, Management Information Systems
  • Ken Stafford, Chief Information Officer, ITS
  • Theo Stavropoulos, Senior, Management
  • Steve Waldron, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Lynn Waugh, College of Business Administration
  • David C. Williams, Department of Housing and Dining
  • Marla Wood, Division of Continuing Education
  • Rob Caffey, Office of Mediated Education, ITS, Co-chair
  • Rebecca Gould, Information Technology Assistance Center, ITS, Co-chair
  • Viki Horan, Information Technology Services, Committee Support