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Email upgrade

In 2008, K-State migrated from an in-house developed and hosted email service to Zimbra that was hosted off-site. Zimbra was chosen because of the combined email and calendaring features along with additional collaborative capabilities. Merit assumed the responsibility of hosting Zimbra in April 2010.

The desire for the campus to move forward with an alternative email solution along with numerous disruptions in service prompted the campus to again look for an alternative to Merit as the email host provider. Ken Stafford, CIO, tasked a committee of faculty, students and staff to provide a recommendation for alternatives to the current email service and sourcing solutions.

The Committee charge is to:

  • Review the literature and analyze email solutions offered or planned at Big 12 and other institutions
  • Develop a list of requirements for email solutions
  • Develop a list of alternatives along with features and cost of each alternative
  • Discuss email service options broadly
  • Develop options to be presented to the CIO to present to campus

Updates, including meeting minutes, research articles, and data collected, will be posted here. Visit often.