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Kansas State University

Dial-in rates

Plans Cost (per month) Hours (per month) Overage charges
Basic Service $5 50 hours $.50 per each additional hour
Premium Service $10 unlimited n/a
Emeritus Service Free (for qualified retirees on emeritus status) unlimited n/a

Long Distance Charges

When dialing in from outside of Manhattan, or Salina your telephone company may treat the connection as a long distance call. Check with your telephone provider to see what options are available. As an alternative, we offer this number: 1-800-237-9531. This connection will be billed at 10 cents/minute.

Abuse of Service Policy

While there are no additional per hour usage fees for Premium Service, abuse of this service will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Abuse of service includes, but is not limited to, multiple users connecting with one account, excessive connection times, use of our service for any illegal activities or harassment of other online users, and violation of any university IT policies listed here. Possible results of abuse may include a courtesy call from our staff, increased costs to dial-in plan, and/or cancellation of service.