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Chat using K-State Jabber

An online chat/instant messaging service, Jabber, is available to all ITS employees. Using K-State Jabber, ITS employees can securely chat online with each other. Currently, this service is only available ITS employees.


To use K-State Jabber, you must first install a chat client. Any chat client that uses XMPP can be used for K-State Jabber. This includes Pidgin, Adium, iChat, Psi, Trillian, and more. Many ITS employees use Pidgin on their PC and Adium on their Mac.

After installing, an auto-populated group called ITS will be added to your "buddy list". This includes all ITS employees that are using K-State Jabber. Additionally, you can also add any other person, ITS employee or not, to your buddy list.

Fine details:

  • Jabber ID: This is your K-State email,, and your eID password. will not work as your Jabber ID; it must be Also, when you change your eID password, you must update your chat client's password to connect.
  • Server: The K-State Jabber server is
  • Port: The port for our Jabber server is 5222.