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Canvas fall 2013 pilot

The Canvas pilot is underway at K-State. A request was sent to faculty in August asking for volunteers to participate in the pilot. The K-State Online Advisory Council reviewed and recommended a pilot group that best represents the campus. Participants were selected based on:

  • Teaching styles
  • Delivery methods and formats
  • Variety of subject matter
  • Diversity of students

The fall pilot consists of 15 courses representing 22 sections with 16 instructors and 440 students.

Participating instructors received a two-hour face-to-face training prior to the start of the pilot. Instructors had one-on-one interaction with instructional designers and Canvas trainers. Support for instructors and students will continue throughout the pilot.

The pilot is an opportunity to study Canvas and determine if it has the tools necessary to fit the needs of K-State. Faculty and students participating in the pilot will provide their feedback and opinions throughout the semester. All system problems and issues related to the pilot will be tracked.

Once the pilot is completed, all information gathered will be compiled and documented in a final report. The final report will be presented to the Office of the Provost, K-State Online Advisory Council, Faculty Senate Committee on Technology, and Student Government Association for review.

For more information about Canvas, the pilot or K-State's Learning Management System (LMS), contact Scott Finkeldei at