Shuttle Services

Shopping Shuttle


Shopping Shuttle Schedule  - ATA Bus - Jardine 3    
Bus Stop       
Claflin Apartments9:009:4010:2011:0011:4012:201:00
Jardine Apts. (Tunstall Circle)9:049:4410:2411:0411:4412:241:04
Moore Hall9:109:5010:3011:1011:5012:301:10
Haymaker Hall9:139:5310:3311:1311:5312:331:13
Walmart (by the bikes racks at the cross walk)9:2210:0210:4211:2212:0212:421:22
11th and Thurston Ave.9:2810:0810:4811:2812:0812:481:28
Student Union (circle at Bosco Plaza)9:3310:1310:5311:3312:1312:531:33
College Heights & Dennison9:3610:1610:5611:3612:1612:561:36
Claflin Apartments9:4010:2011:0011:4012:201:001:40


The ATA Bus will be providing this service beginning Saturday, August 24, 2013.  For the Shopping Shuttle you must ride the ATA Bus with the sign “Jardine 3”.    This bus will run every Saturday, year-round.  Please be aware of the following changes to the Shopping Shuttle service.

  • Your spouses and children can ride the Shopping Shuttle for a fee (see below for fees).
  • This service will go only to Walmart.
  • This service will no longer be provided on Wednesday evenings.
  • The last pick up at Walmart will be at 1:22 PM.  If you miss that shuttle, then you will need to find your own means of transportation or you can take the regular ATA Bus fixed route.  The cost is $1.00 one way for adults and $.50 for children ages 6 to 18 (Children under 6 are free).  The fixed route schedule can be found at (See the 2013 Fixed Route Brochure).
  • The number of bags allowed is the number that you can carry in 1 trip.  In other words, you cannot load one group of bags onto the bus then get another load. The driver will not assist and not wait for multiple trips to collect bags.
  • You cannot load any item weighing over 15 pounds onto the bus.