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Kansas State University

Procedures for applying for or extending your Kansas driver’s license:

  •  Print off and complete the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE ) Verification form.  This will be the cover sheet for your supporting documentation. (SAVE is a system that allows government agencies determine an applicant’s immigration status.)
  •  Scan a copy of the form along with the following documentation:     
    • For F-1 students – Copy of I-20, I-94, passport and Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if applicable.  Students who are on post-completion OPT should indicate that in the email and ask that the A number on the EAD be used as an alternative to the SEVIS number on the I-20 for SAVE verification.
    • For J-1 students and scholars – Copy of the DS-2019, I-94 and passport
    • For H-1Bs – Copy of the I-797 (Approval Notice), I-94 and passport.  If your H-1B extension is pending, then a copy of the Receipt Notice.
  •  Email the scanned form and documents to (Documents can also be hand-carried to the local DMV office to be mailed to Topeka, but direct email is the best as it will save you a return trip to the local DMV.)
  • Upon receipt of the documents the SAVE Coordinator will check the SAVE system to verify status.  This should only take 24 to 48 hours.  The Coordinator will then respond to the email with a document that indicates the SAVE number.  If further verification is needed, then it could take 3 days to 5 weeks.
  •  Once you receive the SAVE verification document, print it and take it to the DMV along with the original documents you sent to the SAVE Coordinator.  In addition, you will need to have proof of your local address and cash or a check to pay the fee.  It is recommended that you call the DMV for an appointment so that you will not have to wait long. 


To prove residency and address you need one of the following and it must be in the applicant’s name and have a Kansas residence noted:

    • Kansas school form; such as a tuition invoice, receipt, class schedule, report card, DE-99, or transcript
    • Utility bill, not more than two months old (cellular phone and pager bills are not acceptable)
    • Kansas property tax bill or receipt
    • Residential rental and/or lease agreement; credit card statement issued within the last 90 days
    • Payroll check stub issued within the last two months
    • Original monthly bank statement not more than two months old issued by a bank

Dependents will need to follow the same procedures.  In addition to sending dependent documents, you will also need to include the documents of the F-1, J-1 or H-1B.  It is also recommended that the F-1, J-1 or H-1B accompany you when you to go the DMV. 
Please note that F-1 & J-1 students and J-1 scholars are only eligible to obtain a license or identification card that is valid for a maximum of one year. H-1Bs are eligible to receive a license until the expiration date listed on the I-94 card. If you have an H-1B extension pending, then the license will be issued for 240 days.  Renewals are possible.


Fees are subject to change, currently fees are $28 for renewals/$31 for all testing if person is under 21 years of age and $26 for renewals/$29 for all testing if person is over 21 years of age (cash or check only).  Permits are $10.

Driver’s License Examination (Class C)

Your initial driver’s license examination is divided into three parts:  vision, written, and driving.  Be sure to study adequately; if you fail the written or driving exam 4 times you must wait 6 months before taking it again.  To renew an expired or expiring license, you must present the required documentation, pay the applicable fees, and pass both a visionand a written exam.

  • Vision Exam:  If you wear corrective lenses be sure to wear them for all parts of the examination.
  • Written Exam:  The written test will ask questions over Kansas driving laws, as well as questions about the shape and meaning of road signs. To study you will need a Kansas driving handbook. You can get one at the website listed below or you can obtain one at the exam station.
  • Driving Exam:  You may only take the driving test after the other tests have been passed.  To complete this step, you need to bring a car (if the car is rented it must be in your name) in which to take the test.

International Driving Permit (IDP)

If you have a valid driver license from your home country and do not become a Kansas resident as defined by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you may drive for up to one year from the date of entry stamped on your I-94. If you become a Kansas resident as determined by the DMV, you have 60 days to get a new Kansas driver’s license.  The Kansas DMV law states you become a Kansas resident 90 days after registering a child in school or registering a motor vehicle.                   

Although it is not required, you should also have an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP serves as an official translation of the holder's driver's license into 10 foreign languages. The purpose of an IDP is to supplement, not replace, valid government issued licenses. It serves as a translation of a driver’s license and assists with understanding, but does not provide driving privileges by itself.  Be wary of IDP scams.  For more information on the IDP please visit:

Motorcycle License (Class M)

A person with a regular Class C license (see above) is eligible to drive a moped (scooter) whose engine capacity is 130 cubic centimeters (cc) or under.  However, if the engine capacity is over 130 cc the driver must obtain a Motorcycle License (Class M). To earn your motorcycle license, you must pass a knowledge test and an on-cycle skill test.  For more information on obtaining a motorcycle license please see the Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual:

Manhattan Exam Station                                                 
Department of Motor Vehicles                                                                    
3003 Anderson Ave, Suite 1001 AB                                                                           
Manhattan, KS 66502
Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 7 a.m. until 5:45 p.m.                                 
Phone: 785-537-2140

Kansas Driving Handbook:
Please note that state driving laws vary.  If you plan on driving in another state, you should investigate their laws.

For more information on driving in Kansas please go to