Programs and Events


ISSS Trips

ISSS organizes trips to various cities over the semester. 

Basic Language Training (BLT)

BLT is a non-credit course that is taught by an international student. The student teaches the basics of his/her language and explores the culture of his/her home country. 

Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is a listing of volunteers who have offered to do presentations about their country or about their international experience.

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour is an informal forum for international students to share their thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics or to showcase the unique arts of their country.

International Buddies

International Buddies is a program that pairs local K-State students, staff and community members with international students, scholars and family. Once paired, Buddies meet regularly to learn about each others' cultures, customs and explore Manhattan and K-State. For more information, please visit the International Buddies website by clicking on the link above.

Ongoing Programs and Events

Throughout each semester multiple programs including workshops, trips and events. Click on the link above for the full schedule for the current semester.