December 2009 ISSS Newsletter

Be Prepared for Winter in Kansas!

Kansas Winter will soon be upon us here at K-State.  That means that the temperature will be dropping.  In December, January and February, it is likely that the daytime temperatures in Kansas will be around 30° F (about 0°C) and will be even colder at night.  Also, you can expect to see snow and maybe ice sometime during the next few months!  For those of you coming from warmer climates, these temperatures may seem outrageous, but with the right clothes to keep you warm, you will be just fine! 

Check out Karl here in the pictures.  He is ready for a winter day in Kansas.  There are several things to notice about his outfit.  In the first picture you will see that Karl is wearing multiple layers of warm clothing.  He has on both an undershirt and a sweater.  He has on sturdy trousers (jeans and corduroy are nice and thick).  He is also wearing substantial socks that will keep his feet warm and dry in his shoes. 

In the second picture you can see Karl’s outer layers.  Now he is ready to walk around on campus!   In addition to a heavy coat, Karl is wearing several important accessories that keep him warm.    His gloves protect his hands, and his scarf keeps the cold air from blowing at his neck and down his coat.  Also notice the boots Karl is wearing.  These will keep his feet dry and warm when he has to walk across campus in the snow and rain.  Poor Karl just needs a hat to keep his ears from turning red and frozen.

When all of this is put together, Karl is ready for a great Kansas winter!


ISSS is happy to report that thanks to a winter clothing drive that was held at the International Student Center on November 18th, a number of our international students and scholars will be better prepared for the cold temperatures to come!  It was very successful, and we thank everyone who donated clothes, and everyone who came to take home clothes.  Between 80-100 international students and scholars were pleased to “shop” in the multipurpose room lined with coats, sweaters, pants, shirts and accessories that had been donated by Manhattan community members. 

If you are still in need of warm clothing items, there are places here in Manhattan where you can get them.  All of these items are available new for purchase at the mall or at Walmart. 

I also recommend shopping at the Salvation Army shop and the Encore shop in downtown Manhattan.  The Salvation Army is located at 310 Poyntz Avenue, and the Encore shop is located at 611 Poyntz Avenue.  These shops have many used clothing items for very low prices.