Responsibilities of J-1 Scholars or Professors

Report address changes to the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).  U.S. federal regulations require that all J-1 scholars report a change of address within 10 days.  To comply, you must notify ISSS in writing and then ISSS will provide this information electronically to USCIS through SEVIS.

Report departure date and reason for departure to the ISSS.  There are times when a scholar will leave the university prior to the Program End Date listed on the DS-2019.  The scholar must notify the ISSS of the date of departure and the reason for ending their program at Kansas State University. 

J-1 Professors or Research Scholars will be unable to re-enter the U.S. as a J-1 Professor or Scholar for 24 months after the completion of their program at Kansas State University. If the scholar is not maintaining a continuous and collaborative relationship with Kansas State University and is not transferring to another J-1 program, the 24-month bar to re-enter the U.S. in the J-1 Professor or Research Scholar category will be triggered.  Therefore, it is very important for the scholars to keep the ISSS informed of future plans and intentions.

Report changes in Program to ISSS.  Scholars must notify the ISSS whenever there is a change in their program.  These changes include new locations, new funding sources, new laboratory or department.

Abide by employment regulations.  J-1 scholars may conduct research or teach only at Kansas State University unless specifically authorized ahead of time in writing by the ISSS to give a lecture or consult at another institution.  Scholars must contact the ISSS if invited to speak or consult at another institution. 

Maintain adequate health insurance.  J-1 scholars must maintain adequate health insurance for themselves as well as their dependents throughout their entire stay in the U.S. Failure to do so renders the scholars and their dependents "out of status" and the scholars may be removed from the J-1 program.  Minimum insurance requirements are show in the table below.

Minimum Health Insurance Required by the U.S. Department of State
Medical Benefits
$50,000 per illness or accident
Cannot exceed $500
(return of your remains upon death)
Medical Evacuation

For more information see Health Insurance for J-1 Scholars/Professors

Obtain travel signature prior to traveling outside of the U.S.  Scholars and their dependents must obtain the signature on their DS-2019 from a staff member at the ISSS prior to traveling outside the U.S.

Apply for a program extension prior to the DS-2019 expiration date.  Extensions are granted if the scholar is eligible for the additional time requested and the funding is adequate.

Receive transfer authorization prior to leaving.  Scholars must notify the ISSS of plans to transfer in advance.  In order to process the transfer, the scholar must notify the ISSS and provide the name of the new program sponsor and an offer letter from the new institution.  The ISSS must correspond with the new sponsor to complete the transfer electronically through SEVIS.

Depart the U.S. within the 30-day grace period. J-1 Scholars and all their dependents must depart the U.S. within 30 days of the Program End Date listed on the DS-2019.