J-1 Student Intern

Kansas State University has been granted permission by the U.S. Department of State to host students from outside the U.S. for internship programs related to their studies. These interns can be given J-1 immigration status under the sponsorship of Kansas State University.  The J-1 Student Intern Program is a "structured and guided work-based learning program that reinforces a student's academic study, recognizes the needs for work-based experience, provides on-the-job exposure to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise, and enhances the Intern's knowledge of American culture and society."  Note that the regulations and procedures for the "Intern" category are quite different than those for other categories of J-1 Visitor, such as Student, Research Scholar, Professor, or Short-term Scholar. For information on these other categories, please visit ISSS webpage.
If all the criteria for participation are met, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) can issue the DS-2019 immigration document for the student intern to obtain a J-1visa under this subcategory.

What are the criteria for a college student intern?

  1. The student intern is a foreign national enrolled in and pursuing a degree at an accredited post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S.
  2. The student intern has verifiable English language skills to function in the internship environment.
  3. The student intern must be engaged fulltime (32 hours/week) in the internship at K-State that will fulfill the educational objectives for his/her current degree program at his/her home institution.
  4. The student intern is maintaining satisfactory advancement towards completion of his/her internship program.
  5. The student intern is primarily in the U.S. to engage in the intern program rather than to engage in employment or provide services to K-State.
  6. The student intern must be in good academic standing with their post-secondary institution overseas where s/he is enrolled in and pursuing a degree.
  7. The student intern has adequate finances to support himself/herself and dependents for their duration of their stay in the U.S.
  8. The internship cannot duplicate the student intern's prior experience.
  9. The student intern must have sufficient health insurance coverage for the entire duration of their internship program.
  10. The student intern may participate in an internship program for up to 12 months for each degree/major. Extensions beyond 12 months are not possible.
  11. The student intern will return to his/her academic program and obtain a degree from their overseas academic institution after completion of the student intern program.

What are the responsibilities of the intern's supervisor at K-State?

  • To ensure that there are sufficient resources, equipment and trained personnel available to provide for the specified internship program
  • To ensure the internship does not displace full or part-time temporary or permanent American workers or serve to fill a labor need
  • To ensure that the student intern is not placed in an unskilled or casual labor position, in a position that requires or involves child care or elder care, a position in the field of aviation or in clinical positions or any other kind of work that involves patient care or contact, including therapy.
  • To ensure that the position the student intern fills exists solely to assist the student intern in achieving the objectives of his/her participation in a student internship program and does not involve more than 20% clerical work
  • To ensure th internship is not designed to recruit and train aliens for employment in the U.S.
  • To ensure the department will not place a student intern in a position that could bring the Exchange Visitor Program or the Department of State into notoriety or disrepute
  • To ensure the department will not engage or otherwise cooperate or contract with a staffing/employment agency to recruit, screen, orient, place, evaluate, or train student interns, or in any other way involve agencies in an Exchange Visitor Program student internship program;
  • To complete the Training/Internship Placement Plan (form DS-7002). http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/84240.pdf
  • To complete the required evaluation of the student intern's performance at the conclusion of the internship. Internships lasting longer than 6 months require a mid-point evaluation. Intern Evaluations are submittable online for your convenience.
  • To notify ISSS the termination and/or departure of the student intern from Kansas State University

What is the dollar amount that must be submitted for proof of financial support?

Interns must provide financial documentation verifying that they have the funds to support themselves during their stay in the U.S.  The estimates include housing and living expenses.  Please note that an intern will need to demonstrate that he or she will have $1200 per month.  If dependents will be joining the J-1, then he/she will need an additional $700 per month for each of the first dependent, and $540 per month for any additional dependents.

What is the procedure for bringing a Student Intern to Kansas State University?

ISSS will need the paperwork outlined below to be completed by the student intern, the student intern's administrator or advisor at the overseas/home university, as well as the sponsoring K-State internship supervisor. The forms are all FORM FILLABLE, so you can complete them online. Once each form is completed, please print it out and submit it to ISSS.  All documents should be submitted TOGETHER. It is the Department's responsibility to notify ISSS if the intern will be arriving later than the start date listed on the DS-2019.

1. Department must accept student into the internship program.  The Department completes and submits the Request for a DS-2019.

2. Department must then conduct a telephone interview with Intern to determine English language proficiency.  The English proficiency form must then be completed and signed.

3. Department must complete appropriate section of the T/IPP form. Department will either send signed DS7002 to the student intern for signatures or send a signed copy of the DS7002 form to ISSS as a scanned attachment or hard copy original. If the second option is chosen, ISSS will send a scanned copy of the signed DS-7002 to the student intern as an attachment in order to complete step 4..

Note: Please be sure to sign as the "supervisor" NOT the "sponsor". On this form, "sponsor" refers to Kansas State University as the program sponsor.  This portion will be signed by an advisor at ISSS.

4. Intern must complete the Intern Application and sign the appropriate section of the T/IPP form and return it to the department.

*Intern submits the signed T/IPP form and the Intern Application along with supporting documentation to the department. Supporting documentation includes Intern's Certification of Academic Status, resume, financial support (Affidavit of Support), and a copy of the identification and validity pages of the passport, proof of health insurance coverage.

5. Department compiles the documentation, verifies that everything is completed and signed. Submit entire application packet to the ISSS office.

6. ISSS processes the application and issues the DS-2019 form.  The DS-2019 and any supporting materials will be sent to the Department. 

7. The Department is responsible for sending the DS-2019 and supporting materials to the intern. 

8. The Intern receives the DS-2019 and supporting materials. These documents are then to be used when the intern applies for the J-1 visa at the U.S. Consulate.

9. Intern must check-in with the ISSS office upon arrival to Kansas State University.  Failure to do so is a violation of their immigration status.

10. Department is responsible for completing the evaluation process prior to the conclusion of the internship program.