Transfer Information for J-1 Students

Transferring to Another U.S. Institution:

An exchange visitor may be eligible to transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which he or she was initially admitted to exchange visitor status.  The exchange visitor must also remain within the same participant category. All J-1 students, currently in the U.S. who plan to change program sponsor must complete the transfer procedure through SEVIS. If you are currently wishing to change your participant category, you must make an appointment with an ISSS advisor.Transfer-Out

Transfer-Out Procedure:

  1. Receive admission to another institution within the U.S.
  2. Contact the ISSS to complete the J-1 SEVIS release form
  3. ISSS will review your request and enter the transfer release information into SEVIS.
  4. Complete the Exit Survey and return to the ISSS.
  5. You should then contact your new institution about receiving a new DS-2019 form.

Transferring to K-State:

All students currently in J-1 status at any type of institution (high school, college, university, intensive English institute, etc.) in the U.S. and who intend to transfer to Kansas State University must complete the Transfer In form. You must complete this process in order to transfer your sponsorship as a J-1 student to the Kansas State University's Exchange Visitor Program (Number P-1-00780).  Please fax, mail or bring this form to the International Student and Scholar Services office at Kansas State University.  Do not use this form if item #4 on your DS-2019 does not indicate a category of Student (at the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate levels only). Instead, contact the ISSS.

Transfer Procedure:

  1. Receive admission to Kansas State University
  2. Notify your current school and sponsor of your intentions to transfer.
  3. Complete Part I of the Transfer form (only after you have been admitted and choose to attend K-State)
  4. Have an international student advisor at your current institution or your current program sponsor (this can be found in item #2 on your DS-2019) complete Part II.
  5. After you and your current school/sponsor have determined the date to have your SEVIS record electronically released to K-State, promptly return this form.
  6. After the release date, K-State will produce a DS-2019 for you. Contact our office to make arrangements to receive your new DS-2019.

You are required to report to the ISSS office within 15 days of the report date on your DS-2019. You will receive additional information about our New-International Student Orientation upon check-in at the ISSS.