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Cathy Buchanan

Systems Supervisor

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Lakshmi Pagadala

Systems Specialist

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Julia Petersen

Systems Specialist

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ImageNow is a document imaging and process/content management system in the product suite made by Perceptive Software.

Utilizing ImageNow technologies, paper and electronic documents are stored in an organized indexing structure behind well-defined security privileges. ImageNow documents can be quickly retrieved, made available to ImageNow users cross-departmentally, routed through ImageNow workflow, and electronically annotated in several ways including text, highlights, and stamps.

While ImageNow is accessed via a desktop client, a web-based option called WebNow is also available for basic document retrieval and workflow.

Additional products have been purchased to enhance the ImageNow/WebNow system, which make the following technologies available: electronic forms, document version control, OCR (content recognition), web services for integration with other systems, and reporting.

First implemented at K-State in 2002, several major administrative departments have since started utilizing ImageNow, such as Human Resources, Office of the Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Assistance, Division of Financial Services, Graduate School, Division of Facilities, Academic Personnel, and K-State Salina. There are several more departments utilizing ImageNow, and it is being actively implemented across campus as interest grows.

Contact details for this system available on the ISO Staff Directory