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Apply for Graduation

  1. From the iSIS Home Page, to the right, in the iSIS Links box, click Student Center.

    Picture of the iSIS Links box, the Student Center link is highlighted.

  2. On the left, open the Other Academic... list box and click Apply for Graduation.

    Picture of the Other Academic... drop list with Apply for Graduation marked.

  3. Click the Go button. Picture of the Go button in the Student Center

  4. If you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, select a Ceremony Term.  For each Academic Program in which you expect to graduate, select the appropriate Expected Graduation Term.

    Select the Ceremony Term and Graduation Term

  5. Next, select Apply forGraduation and click Continue. 

    Select Apply for Graduation

  6. Make any corrections to your Degree Name (the name to be printed on your diploma) and click Continue.

  7. Verify your Diploma Address, and click Continue.
  8. Enter your Hometown information.
  9. Add any coursework in progress at other institutions that will apply to your K-State degree.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Verify all the information and click Submit Application.