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Accept Scholarship Awards

  1. Log into iSIS with your eID and password.
  2. On the iSIS home page under iSIS Links, click Student Center.

    Click student Center link

  3. In the Finances area, click Accept/Decline Awards.

    Click Accept/Decline Awards
  4. Click the Aid Year you wish to view.

 Picture of Year Selection area for Financial aid

5. Review the financial aid information and click Continue button at the bottom of the page. 

6. On the Award Package page, check either Accept or Decline next to each award, then click Submit.  To accept or decline all awards at once, click either the accept all or decline all button, then click Submit.

Click Accept to Accept - or click Accept All

7. Click Yes to continue, or No to cancel.

Click Yes to confirm action

8. Click OK to exit the confirmation page.

 Click OK to exit Confirmation

9.  The amount of accepted scholarship awards will now appear in the Accepted column.

Scholarship Award shows as Accepted

Repeat the process until all scholarship awards have been accepted or declined.