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Reconcile iSIS Class Roster with other Class Rosters

  • What does "reconcile my iSIS class roster" mean?

    "Reconciling your iSIS roster" means to ensure that everyone who has been attending your class and is expecting to get credit for taking the class appears on your iSIS class roster.

  • How do I "reconcile my iSIS class roster"?

    The easiest way to reconcile your iSIS class roster is to print your iSIS class roster and compare to your attendance or K-State Online roster.

  • Why is this so important?

    At the last day of class each semester, the iSIS team creates the Grade Rosters for the bulk of the classes for that semester. These rosters are generated based on the enrollments at the time of their creation. If someone should have been enrolled in the class, but did not, then they will not appear in the iSIS grade roster and, hence, will not receive a grade in the class.

  • What do I do if I discover someone needs to be added to the grade roster after it has been created?

    The student must officially enroll in the class to be listed on the grade roster. Instruct the student to go to their dean's office to request late enrollment in your class.