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FAQs - Advising for Students

  1. How can I tell who my assigned advisor is in iSIS?

    Your advisor is listed in your Student Center in iSIS. See Viewing Your Advisor Information for instructions on accessing this information.

  2. How does my advisor access my information?

    In iSIS, advisors can see a list of advisees associated with him/her and are able to access necessary student information. Advisors are also able to access necessary student information for any student to support walk-ins.

  3. How can I view and print a DARS report in iSIS to discuss with my advisor? 

    The DARS report (called a Degree Progress report in iSIS) is viewable and printable within iSIS. For details on viewing the Degree Progress Report, see View Degree Progress on the iSIS website. Use your browser's print functionality to print the Degree Progress report.