Sanskriti - 09 Explore | Celebrate | Relish



"Sanskriti" means culture. Sanskriti has been the annual extravaganza of Indian Students Association here at Kansas State University. ISA proudly announces its premier event SANSKRITI 09 and invite all of you to Explore, Celebrate and Relish the traditional Indian culture blended with splendid color of modernity.

Over the years, Sanskriti has evolved as one of the most successful multicultural festivals of k-sate which portrays mainly India's diversity and cultural evolution. K-State students irrespective of their national and cultural backgrounds have found reasons to take part into it. To continue with the same spirit and tradition, ISA plans to celebrate Sanskriti 09 as a day long event beginning with cultural exhibition, followed by cultural show and ending with Indian dinner in the evening.

Explore Incredibility of India:
The cultural exhibition will showcase the modern and traditional Indian art and culture, festivals, life-style, food-habits, attire, music, dance, geographical attractions, advances in science and technology etc. Henna tattooing(Mehendi) has been one of the prime attractions of the exhibition over the years. You can have Henna tattoo free of cost at the event.

Celebrate Indian Odyssey:
The next attraction of Sanskriti is the cultural program. Indian music and various traditional forms of dances have unique body of myths and legend to support the view that the art occupies an indispensable place in the society and life-style of the people of India. Apart from Traditional dances, we will have musical performances, singing and dances to the beats of latest Bollywood tracks in the event.

Relish The Biriyani Bonanza:
The event ends with a royal Indian dinner showcasing Indian contemporary food habits. The main course includes exotic Indian vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes followed by Indian sweets for desert. The food will be catered by a renowned Indian restaurant located at Kansas City.


Event Details:

Event Name: Cultural Exhibition
Date: 15th of November, 2009
Time: 11.00 am to 1 pm.
Place: Union Courtyard
Admission: Free

Event Name: Cultural Show
Date: 15th of November, 2009
Time: 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
Place: Forum Hall
Admission: Free