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Fundraising Committee: Provides experience for you as a student to work with fundraising and communication with members of the foundation.
Investment Committee: Provides experience in market research. Working in a team to professionally and responsively apply the generous gifts of our donors.
Scholarship Committee: Once a foundation is built, money raised can be used to help support students who apply for these scholarships. Applications will have to be sorted through and judged for the best candidates.


Fundraising Opportunites
  • Charitable contributions to Invest-a-Cats will allow students a greater opportunity to practice asset allocation strategies and individual mutual fund/stock research, while increasing the gifts that can be distributed from the earnings to the campus community. 
  • Students work closely with the KSU Foundation to learn techniques to raise funds for charitable purposes from individuals, small businesses, and corporations
  • The Fund Raising Committee membership and participation is a perquisite to participating on the Investment Committee.  Helping raise money for charitable purposes provides students with hands-on experience and appreciation for the funds which they will manage once selected for the Investment Committee.
  • Invest-a-Cats has a proven Chair and Co-Chair leadership system to ensure continuous leadership throughout the years. 
  • Selection of Chair and Co-Chair has a rigorous application and interview process to provide quality student leadership.
  • Perhaps the best and greatest experience a student could ever garner is the ability and confidence to ask another individual to trust them with their money and be able to say they will manage it wisely. 
  • With student participation of this committee and your donation Invest-a-Cats can provide benefits for everyone.
Investment Management Opportunities
  • Invest-a-Cats, a student organized and governed organization, provides students with the opportunity to manage a portfolio of assets with an objective of charitable giving.  
  • Students work with faculty and advisors to development investment strategies which allow for growth of principle and distribution of earnings over the course of market cycles.  This hands-on learning experience allows students to increase their knowledge of investment planning.
  • An Investment Policy Statement is in place to ensure a consistent investment strategy.  Students work closely with faculty and financial planner advisors to formulate sound investment policies.
  • Students selected for the Investment Committee research investment possibilities and present their findings and recommendations to the investment committee for possible asset purchase. Invest-a-Cats has a proven Chair and Co-Chair leadership system to ensure continuous leadership throughout the years. 
  • Selection of Chair and Co-Chair has a rigorous application and interview process to provide quality student leadership.
  • Assets are held in a quasi-endowed account through the KSU Foundation.  This account allows for distribution of earnings towards an approved purpose. 
  • An emphasis is placed on investing in Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds.  As the asset base of the Invest-a-Cats account grows, a wider selection of investment products will be considered for review and purchase by the Committee.

Scholarships: The majority of students entering the financial planning profession earn a portion of their income from fees associated with assets gathered and managed.  Given the learning nature of the project, a similar benefit will be provided to students participating on the committee.  Students and student teams will receive 10% of the amount raised in any given year in the form of travel or educational scholarships.


Conferences offer many possibilities in networking in a professional aspect and meeting with other students from around the country working with financial planning and market research.
These visits also provide students with an opportunity to travel and visit different parts of the country. Invest-a-CATS has sent students to a variety of different conferences and provided them with these professional experiences. K-State students have done well in some of the competitions linked to these conferences.

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