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Fundraising Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Student Fund Raising Committee (SFRC) is to develop fund raising campaigns, implement fund raising events and activities, and monitor donations to the Personal Financial Planning Student Managed Foundation Account (PFPSMFA). All funds raised by the Committee will be invested and used to fund student and program needs.

Objective: To raise money for investment with the PFPSMFA under the direction of the Kansas State University Foundation.

Committee Members will have the opportunity to:
  • Meet on a regular basis, but not less than once per month during the academic year, to discuss fund raising activities, opportunities, and achievement of goals.
  • Develop fund raising goals, either individually or as a team, to be achieved on a semester basis.
  • Attend all KSU Foundation meetings to learn about fund raising terms, techniques, and rules.
  • Abide by all KSU Foundation fund raising rules.
  • Be part of a sub-committee that will be responsible for drafting Committee fund raising goals, in consultation with faculty advisors and KSU Foundation personnel.
  • Be part of a sub-committee to draft project brochures and marketing materials.
  • Be part of a sub-committee for corporate donation activities.
    • Sub-committee members should be willing to travel throughout the United States.
    • Sub-committee members will be expected to contact, present, and ask for donations from corporate sources, either individually or as a team.
  • Attend KSU Foundation fund-raising training sessions.
  • Actively engage in person-to-person fund raising activities through the solicitation of donations to the PFPSMFA.
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Investment Committee

Purpose: The purpose Student Investment Committee (SIC) is to implement, manage, supervise, monitor, and evaluate the investment assets held by the Kansas State University Foundation for use by students involved in an ongoing charitable fund raising and asset management extracurricular practical experience activity.

Objectivies: To manage assets held in the Personal Financial Planning Student Managed Foundation Account (PFPSMFA) following guidelines outlined in the PFPSMFA Investment Policy Statement.

Committee members will have the opportunity to:
  • Meet on a regular basis, but not less than once per month during the academic year, to facilitate the management of account assets and to report account results.
  • Study, present, and recommend investments for potential purchase or sale in the account. Recommendations will be schedule by the Chairperson for presentation during regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Regularly monitor investments held within the account, and to make recommendations regarding the sale of assets.
  • Schedule a public meeting during the spring semester to share performance results with donors, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Be responsible for meeting the distribution requirements of a KSU Foundation Quasi-endowed fund.
Duties and Responsibilities of the Investment Committee, in relation to choosing money managers and/or funds for the account will include:
  • Managing the assets under its care, custody, and/or control in accordance with the IPS objectives and guidelines set forth herein, and also expressed in separate written agreements when the Student Administrative Oversight Committee and PFPFSMFA faculty deems deviation prudent and desirable. The Investment Committee will oversee and direct strategic reallocation of assets.
  • Exercising investment discretion [including holding cash equivalents as an alternative] within the IPS objectives and guidelines set forth herein.
  • Promptly informing the PFPFSMFA faculty advisor and Student Administrative Oversight Committee in writing regarding all significant and/or material matters and changes pertaining to the investment of assets, including, but not limited to:
    • Investment Strategy.
    • Portfolio structure.
    • Tactical approaches.
    • Ownership.
    • Organizational structure.
    • Financial condition.
    • Volunteer staff.
    • Recommendations for guideline changes.
    • All legal material and SEC and other regulatory agency proceedings affecting the firm
  • Promptly voting all proxies and related actions in a manner consistent with the long-term interests and objectives of the account set forth herein, unless this is deemed the responsibility of the KSU Foundation. The PFPSMFA Investment Committee Chairperson shall keep detailed records of said voting of proxies and related actions and will comply with all regulatory obligations related thereto.
  • Utilize the same care, skill, prudence, and due diligence under the circumstances then prevailing that experienced, investment professionals acting in a like capacity and fully familiar with such matters would use in like activities for like endowment accounts with like aims in accordance and compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations from local, state, federal, and international political entities as they pertain to fiduciary duties and responsibilities.
  • Acknowledge and agree in writing to their fiduciary responsibility to fully comply with the entire IPS set forth herein, and as modified in the future.
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Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is still being formulated. Once a large base is built up K-State Family and Financial Planning students will be able to apply for these scholarships.
It is important to remember that these donations will help students financially, but also add to their experience in fundraising and finanical planning in researching mutual funds and other aspects of the market.

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