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Donation Benefits

What is the Challenge?

To provide Personal Financial Planning students with hands-on experience related to the accumulation, management, and distribution of assets.

To give students experiential learning opportunities related to charitable fundraising, investment management, and scholarship distributions.

What are the Solutions to the Challenge?

  • To bring students together in an organized way to apply the knowledge they are learning in class to real life situations.
  • To create a sizable endowment that will allow students to manage a perpetual fund of assets.
  • To link students involved with the Invest-a-Cats project with financial planning practitioners who can then share practical insights into the accumulation, management, and ultimate distribution of assets.

What are Actions Needed to Solve the Challenge?

  • To establish fundraising goals for students.
  • To obtain support for the project from the majority of Personal Financial Planning alumni.
  • To obtain donations from the Personal Financial Planning Advisory Board.
  • To obtain donations from KSU faculty and staff.
  • To identify corporate partners.

Key Messages to Convey?

  • This is the only program of its kind in the country.
  • Students value the advice and guidance of professional financial planners.
  • Experiential learning will make KSU graduates even more competitive in the marketplace than they currently are.
  • No where else can students learn and apply principles related to the accumulation, management, and distribution of assets in a way that resembles actual financial planning practice.
  • Systems are in place to guarantee continuity from one graduating class to another.
  • Invest-a-Cats is student managed but advised by faculty and KSU Foundation staff.
  • The project is supported by Personal Financial Planning faculty, Personal Financial Planning Advisory Board members, and financial planning practitioners.
  • Students, faculty, and staff have made financial commitments to the project.
  • Earnings from the Invest-a-Cats account go to fund worthy causes.


Outcomes for Students at K-State:
  • Students learn to be stewards of other people's assets.
  • Students apply the principles of fiduciary leadership and ethical conduct as it relates to managing assets.
  • A portion of account earnings can be used to fund needed and valuable student scholarships and other charitable activities.
  • Graduates who participate in the project will be better prospective financial planning employees.
Outcomes for Donors
  • Donations are tax deductible.
  • All donors are recognized publicly.
  • Opportunities exist for certain donors to help guide the future of the Invest-a-Cats project.
  • Opportunities exist to interact with students in the learning process.
  • Participation offers firms who firms who partner with KSU broad exposure to students, faculty, and staff.

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