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International Admissions and Recruiting

Packing Smart

Traveling by plane comes with a lot of different rules! Make sure what you pack arrives with you safely by learning about rules and restrictions before you go to the airport.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The TSA is in charge of security and screening at airports within the United States. The TSA website can help you prepare for your trip.


Liquids in carry-on bags are tightly monitored and controlled. Anything larger than 100ml will not be allowed through security and will be thrown away. Learn about liquid rules.


Non-liquid items prohibited by the TSA

Customs and Border Patrol

While the TSA controls security within the airport, Customs and Border Patrol oversee what is being brought into the country. It is Customs and Border Patrol that will require arriving international passengers to declare what their luggage contains.

Prohibited or Restricted

A list of all items that are controlled or not allowed.


If you will be traveling with any medication, be sure to pay special attention to medicine restrictions.

Use this guide to get you started!
Packing Guide (pdf)