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International Admissions and Recruiting

Finding Housing

Students have many options when it comes to housing! All of these options involve completing and signing a contract, so research your options carefully and choose the one that is right for you! Don't hesitate to ask questions, advice or for help. Where you live can play a big role in your success as a student!


On-campus housing offers many benefits for students!  In fact, students who live on-campus during their first two years of study often receive better grades.  Residence halls offer students easy access to everything on campus, wireless internet, laundry facilities, computer labs, study lounges, and meal plans. Learn more about benefits of living on campus.

Learn about On-Campus Options

The Manhattan campus has 9 residence halls, including 4 continuous housing halls in the Derby Complex. These four halls remain open during school vacations for students who do not desire to or are unable to go home during school breaks. Some residence hall applicants are assigned to housing in our Living Community, which shares many of the residence hall benefits (plus a few of its own!) Decide which hall is right for you by visiting Housing and Dining Services' website!

There are three dining centers that service our on campus residents. Our award winning dining program offers excellent menu options. See all of our current menus.

Keeping you connected to campus, Salina's two residence halls, Schilling Hall and Harbin Hall, house up to 190 students. Learn all about these suite-style residence halls.


If you decide that living in the residence halls is what you would like to do, we strongly recommend completing a housing contract as soon as possible.

Manhattan Application

Salina Application


Some students choose to live off campus in apartment complexes or rental homes. There are many rental options within close proximity to the campus, and students may walk, bike or drive each day. Cost, quality, and amenities vary greatly.

Renting Tips for International Students

Rental Tips

Off-Campus Housing Support offers advice and services to students to help them make informed decisions about where they choose to live. From researching places to live to reviewing leasing contracts, there are many important things to consider! 

Check out this Off-Campus Housing Guide (pdf) and Rental Agreement Checklist (pdf).