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Overview of ImageNow Document Management

ImageNow is a software used to scan printed or import electronic documents, store them as electronic documents in a secure online environment, and allow online processing in workflow.

Benefits of Document Imaging

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Benefits of Document Imaging

Keep documents that must be retained for business purposes   - Free up valuable office space
  - Archive records efficiently
  - Increase document security
  - Satisfy government regulations

Obtain specific information as soon as possible   - Retrieve information in seconds
  - Increase productivity
  - Improve customer service
  - improve decision making

Avoid problems due to missing records

  - Eliminate misfiles, lost records, or out-of-file documents
  - Increase productivity
  - Minimize work disruptions
  - Reduce liability

Provide easy remote file access   - Save copying costs
  - Allow multiple users simultaneous access to same document

Reduce discovery process costs   - Reduce litigation risks
  - Satisfy document retention regulations

Benefits of Workflow

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Benefits of Workflow

Access incoming documents quickly   - Immediate access to documents
  - Multiple access to documents

Review and control of work load   - Alarms and notifications of ages of documents
  - Automatic reassignment for overloads
  - Complete history of document

Improve efficiency of document processing   - Concurrent routing of documents
  - Automatic routing of documents
  - Complete history of document routing and timeline

Decrease printing costs   - Multiple document access simultaneously