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Thermal Insulation Values and Temperature Ratings for Sleeping Bags


Resistance to dry heat transfer (insulation value) provided by sleeping bags or sleeping bag systems


ASTM F 1720 "Standard Test Method for Measuring the Thermal Insulation of Sleeping Bags Using a Heated Manikin". We also test according to military specifications. 


Thermal manikin on a cot in environmental chamber

Specimen number and size: 

1 regular or long sleeping bag (auxiliary products like clothing, ground pad, etc. may be tested as part of a bag system; IER has these, or a company may provide them)


$600 for 3 replications in a row on one sleeping bag

Temperature Ratings:

Heat transfer models are used with the insulation value to determine the lowest temperature for comfort for 8 hours of sleep. No additional charge for these calculations.


Option #1: bag tested alone

Option #2: bag system tested with clothing, pad, etc.