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Human Subject Testing

The physiological and subjective responses of human subjects wearing protective clothing, personal cooling systems (PCS), or sleeping bags can be measured under controlled conditions in environmental chambers.

Physiological Responses:

A. mean skin temperature (3-8 skin thermocouples)
B. body core temperature (ingestible temperature sensors to swallow)
C. heart rate (Polar™ S180i heart rate strap and watch with electronic download of data into a computer)
D. sweat rate (weigh subject and clothing before and after experiment)
E. oxygen consumption and metabolic rate (metabolic cart)

Subjective Responses:

A. Thermal sensation scale (ASHRAE)
B. Borg perceived exertion scale
C. Clothing comfort, acceptability scales


ASTM F 2300 “Standard Test Method for Measuring the Performance of Personal Cooling Systems Using Physiological Testing”

ASTM F 2668 “Standard Practice for Determining the Physiological Responses of the Wearer to Protective Clothing Ensembles”

ISO 9886 “Ergonomics – Evaluation of Thermal Strain by Physiological Measurements”

ISO 8996 “Ergonomics of the Thermal Environment – Determination of Metabolic Rate”


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