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Kansas State University

Unclassified changes

Name Changes

Address Changes and Personal Data Changes

  • A PER 39 (pdf) is required, unless it is a time of year when employee information update forms have been distributed for updating.
  • Timely updates are important so paychecks and advices are mailed to correct address. If the employee is moving to a different city, check to see if the employee's health insurance plan is available in that county, if applicable. A change in health plans may be required.

Work Address and Phone Changes

  • Work address or Mail Drop ID and work phone are updated on Position. Changes should be submitted on a Position Data Sheet (PER-36).(pdf)
  • Mail drop ID will appear in the Campus Phonebook. List room number first and then building. For example 103 Edwards.

Salary Increases

  • Fiscal year salary increases on regular (budgeted) employees are automatically inserted in the Human Resource Information System, based on information keyed by the Budget Office or the major administrative units into the Unclassified Salary Increase Page.
  • Changes not keyed into the page must be submitted to Human Resources with a Change or Separation Form (PER-39) (pdf).

Rank Changes

  • Changes in rank, for example Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, (excluding academic rank changes approved in the budget at the beginning of the fiscal year) require a new contract.
  • Please submit a PER-36 (pdf) indicating title change.
  • Also submit a PER 39 (pdf) if pay rate will change.

Length of Service

  • This means total time worked in the classified or unclassified service, excluding temporary or student service.
  • All employees receive the same amount of credit for service whether working part-time or full-time.
  • Voluntary leave without pay for more than 30 days does not count toward length of service.
  • Involuntary leave without pay for more than 30 days does not affect length of service.
  • Leave without pay for less than 30 days is not considered a break so the length of service is not affected.
  • Length of service will be calculated by HR. No paperwork is necessary.

Phased Retirement

  • Program open to all benefits-eligible unclassified employees age 55 and who have completed 10 years of full-time service with one or more Board of Regents educational institutions.
  • Current appointment is reduced to no less than .25 FTE.
  • Salary is reduced to a new, lower FTE level but benefits (health insurance, death and disability coverage and retirement contributions) stay at the rate that is relative to the employee's current FTE level.
  • Leave should accrue at the FTE level before going on Phased Retirement.
  • If approved, submit a PER 39 (pdf) indicating pay rate change and FTE change, copy of contract and a copy of the Phased Retirement Agreement to Human Resources.
  • For further information please refer to PPM Chapter 4810, Retirement Plans, Policies and Procedures.