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Superseding Transactions

If a superseding action is necessary, please contact your department's Human Resources Payroll & Employee Data liaison, (785) 532-6277.


Questions regarding summer personnel actions should be directed to your department's Human Resources Payroll & Employee Data liaison, 532-6277. Questions regarding funding should be directed to Cindy Sicard, Division of Human Resources, 532-6277.

Summer School Appointments

(teaching appointment for summer school courses)

  • Individual colleges are responsible for keying summer school information directly into HRIS through special summer school pages. HR staff will then access that information and key it into HRIS job data each pay period.
  • The only time a paper transaction is required for summer school appointments is if: (1) summer school has been finalized (frozen) in HRIS and no further updates are allowed; or (2) the employee is a new hire or rehire with a break in service.
  • A "9-Month Unclassified Summer Transactions PER-45" form should be completed for those summer school appointments not entered by the deadline. For new hires or rehires with a break in service, submit an Appointment Form (PER-38) with supporting documents. All forms are available on the HR web site at:
  • Unclassified 9-month benefit eligible employees will be assigned to employment record #10 in HRIS for summer school appointments.
  • Please use a temporary non-budgeted position number for this appointment. This number should be different than the position number the employee is assigned during the academic year. You may re-use the temporary position numbers created in previous summers for record 10's or you may ask that a new non-budgeted position be created, if one is not available.
  • To determine the summer school positions available, please run your "Position Funding by Department Report" in HRIS with an "as of date" from the previous summer--for example this year (2013) use July 1, 2012. Your dean's office may also run the summer position report using the following path in HRIS — Workforce Administration>Job Information>Summer School>Summer School Reports>Summer School Positions. This should provide the positions to be re-used for summer appointments.
  • Departments are responsible for reporting time and leave (turning on the "Okay to Process" checkbox) in HRIS for employees hired to summer school appointments.
  • Funding for summer school appointments is the responsibility of the dean's office.
Summer School 2013 Dates
SessionSession DatesPay PeriodsPay Dates
Session I
6 week course
May 28 - July 5 May 26 - July 6 June 21,
July 5, 19
Session II
Main 8 week course
June 10 - August 2 June 9 - Aug 3 July 5, 19
August 2, 16
Session III
6 week course
July 8 - August 16 July 7 - August 17 August 2, 16, 30
May Intersession May 20 - June 7 May 12 - June 8 June 7, 21