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Questions regarding summer personnel actions should be directed to your department's Human Resources Payroll & Employee Data liaison, 532-6277. Questions regarding funding should be directed to Cindy Sicard, Division of Human Resources, 532-6277.

Summer Pay Calculation

The following calculation is used to determine the maximum biweekly rate of pay for summer pay periods for a 9 month employee. Actual rate of pay is negotiated at the department level. See the University Handbook C23.1 for more details.

The annual salary divided by 9 months equals the monthly rate. Monthly salary multiplied by the number of summer months divided by the number of pay periods equals summer bi-weekly pay.

Example: For a 9-month employee with an annual salary of $69,000.
$69,000 / 9 months = $7,666.67 monthly salary
$7,666.67 x 3 summer months / 6 pay periods = $3,833.34 compensation rate per pay period.

The compensation rate throughout the year is $3,450 ($69,000 / 20 pay periods = $3,450). This does not mean the employee is receiving a higher salary in the summer. The difference occurs because during the academic year we are spreading the 9-month salary over 20 pay periods which is longer than 9 months.

Use the Excel Summer Pay Calculator to calculate the summer salary online.

Please contact your HR liaison with questions regarding summer salary.