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Kansas State University

Pay Advice Explanation

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State of Kansas
Date of Check or Direct DepositDate: MM DD YY     STATEMENT OF EARNINGS Advice or Actual Check Number Assigned by State Accounts and Reports (Differs From Check Number Assigned in HRIS)No.80000000 or 40000000
Identifying Number for Tax PurposesSoc. Sec. No. KSU Employee Identifying NumberEmpl. I.D. W-4 Federal Tax Withholding AllowancesFed. State Tax Withholding AllowancesState Deductions Current Period Year To Date
123456789 W0000012345 M 0  M 0 Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance (Social Security)OASDI Amount is Percentage of Gross Pay After Non-Taxable Deductions$$.$$
      Medicare Portion of FICAMEDICARE Amount is Percentage of Gross Pay After Non-Taxable Deductions$$.$$
Earnings Current Period Year To Date Federal Income Tax WithholdingFEDERAL TAX Amount is Gross Pay Minus Non-Taxable Deductions Minus Allowances Times Percent from Tax Tables$$.$$
Regular Pay for Hours of WorkREGULAR Amount is Hourly Rate Times Regular Hours of Work Reported OR Salaried Rate Minus Hours of Holiday Pay$$.$$ Earned Income Credit Advanced PaymentEIC Amount is Added to Net Pay and Shows a Negative Amount in Deductions (Does Not Reflect in Gross Pay)-$.$$
Overtime Pay-Hours of Work Over 40 Actual Hours Worked Per WeekOVERTIME Amount is 1.5 Times Rate of Pay (Includes Shift, Standby and Callback)$$.$$ State Income Tax WithholdingSTATE TAX Amount is Gross Minus Non-Taxable Deductions Minus Allowances Times Percent from Tax Table$$.$$
Standby PaySTANDBY Amount is $1.00 Per Hour$$.$$ Kansas Public Employees Retirement SystemKPER Amount is Percentage of Gross Pay$$.$$
Shift Differential-$.30 Per HourSHIFT DIF 1 Amount is Hours of Shift Work Times $.30$$.$$ After Tax Group Health Insurance Deductions-Medical and Prescription DrugGHI MED Medical and Prescription Drug Deductions Combined$$.$$
Shift Differential 3 is Limited to Certain Medical PositionsSHIFT DIF 3 Amount is 10% of base salary$$.$$ After Tax Dental Health Insurance DeductionGHI DEN Amount of Dental Health Insurance Deduction$$.$$
Shift Differential 4 is $.40 per hourSHIFT DIF 4 Amount is Hours of Shift Work Times $.40$$.$$ Tax Sheltered Annuity for Regents Mandatory Retirement ProgramTSA Amount is Deducted Before Tax as Percentage of Gross Pay$$.$$
Holiday Pay-May Include Holiday Compensatory TimeHOLIDAY PAY Holiday Hours Times Regular Rate of Pay or Holiday Hours Times 1.5 Rate of Pay$$.$$ Voluntary Tax Sheltered AnnuityVOL TSA Amount is Deducted Before Taxes as Either Percentage or Dollar Amount$$.$$
Taxable Fringe BenefitsBENEFIT INC Amount is Taxed but Not Included in Gross Pay$$.$$
Taxable Group Term Life Insurance-OptionalTX GRP LIFE Amount is Cost of Insurance for Coverage Greater Than $50,000. It is Taxed, but NOT Added to Income$$.$$ United Way Voluntary Charitable DeductionUNITED WAY Amount Determined by Employee Request$$.$$
Longevity PayLONGEVITY Amount is $50 Times Service Years$$.$$ Deferred CompensationDEFER COMP Amount Determined by Employee Within Minimum and Maximum Limits$$.$$
Sick Leave PayoutSL PAYOUT Amount is Pay Rate Times Hours$$.$$ Organizational DuesORG DUES Amount Determined by Employee Organization$$.$$
Vacation Leave PayoutVL PAYOUT Amount is Pay Rate Times Hours$$.$$ Federal Employees Group Life InsuranceFEGLI Amount Set by Election$$.$$
Faculty Award PaymentBONUS Amount determined by department$$.$$ Kansas Public Employees Retirement System Service BuybackKPER BUYBAK Amount to Buyback the First Year of Service$$.$$
TAX EE BUS $$.$$ Earnings withheld for repayment of debtGARNISHMENT $$.$$
Call Back PayCALL BACK Hours Times Rate of Pay$$.$$ Tax Levy-Collection of Taxes Due IRSLEVY Amount Determined by IRS$$.$$
Compensatory Time PayoutCOMP PAYOUT Amount is Hours Times Rate of Pay$$.$$ Wage Earner Plans-Voluntary Payment of BankruptcyWAGE EARNER Amount Per Agreement$$.$$
Taxable Moving ExpensesMOVING EXP Amount is Added to Amount Taxed and Gross Pay$$.$$ Court Ordered Wage AssignmentWAGE ASSIGN Amount Determined by Court Order$$.$$
NON CSH AWD $$.$$ Setoff-Wage AssignmentSETOFF-WA Amount Determined by Wage Assignment$$.$$
Non-resident Alien Earnings Per Tax TreatyNRA EARNS Amount Exempt from Taxes Determined by Tax Treaty$$.$$ Setoff-Department of AdministrationSETOFF-DA Amount Collected This Pay Period$$.$$
Taxable Meal PaymentsSUBSISTENCE Amount is Included in Gross Pay and Taxed$$.$$ SETOFF-REG $$.$$
Non-Taxable Fringe Benefit-Moving Expenses-Local Agency OnlyNONTX FRING Amount is Included in Gross Pay and NOT Taxed$$.$$ Payroll Deduction Agreement-Voluntary Payment of TaxesPAY DED AGR Amount Determined by Agreement$$.$$
Gross Pay is amount before deductionsGROSS PAY Amount of Earnings Before Deductions and Taxes$$$.$$ Medical Withholding Order-Dependent SupportMED WTH ORD Amount Determined by Court Order$$.$$
Federal Civil Service Retirement SystemFED CSRS Amount is Percentage of Gross Pay$$.$$
Income Withholding OrderINCOME W/H Amount is Determined by Court Order$$.$$
Non-Taxable Group Health Insurance-MedicalN/TAX GHI M Amount is Based on Medical and Prescription Drug Coverage-Deducted Before Taxes$$.$$
Non-Taxable Group Health Insurance-DentalN/TAX GHI D Amount Based on Dental Coverage-Deducted Before Taxes$$.$$
Non-Taxable Vision InsuranceN/TAX VISION Amount Based on Vision Coverage-Deducted Before Taxes$$.$$
Federal Employees Retirement SystemFED FERS Amount is Percentage of Gross Pay$$.$$
Dependent Care-Flexible Savings AccountDEPEND CARE Amount Elected by Employee-Deducted Before Taxes$$.$$
Health Care-Flexible Savings AccountHEALTH CARE Amount Elected by Employee-Deducted Before Taxes$$.$$
Agency Pay Deductions: After-Tax Parking, Athletic Tickets, Foundation, Housing Meals, TEA Life InsuranceAGY PAY DED Amount Deducted After Taxes$$.$$
Arrearage Collection-Monies Due KSU From OverPaymentARR COLLECT Amount is Bi-Weekly Payment Towards Total Owed$$.$$
KPERS-Optional Group Life InsuranceOPT GRP LIF Amount Deducted After Tax$$.$$
Federal Thrift Savings PlanFED TSP Amount is Percentage of Gross Pay Before Tax$$.$$
After-Tax Vision Insurance DeductionVISION Amount Deducted After Tax$$.$$
Learning Quest-Deduction for Educational SavingsLEARN QUEST Amount Deducted After Tax$$.$$
Non-Taxable Parking DeductionN/TAX PARK Amount Deducted Before Tax$$.$$
Federal Garnishment of WagesFED GARN Amount Ordered Deducted$$.$$
Your Full Name as Recorded in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS)WILLIE THE WILDCAT Leave Transactions Recorded for the Pay Period. Leave Will NOT Accrue Third Paycheck of the Month for Unclassified Employees.Leave as of 00/00/00 NET PAY is Amount Left of Earnings After Taxes and Deductions (Plus Advanced Earned Income Credit)NET PAY Amount of Check or Electronic Fund Transfer (Direct Deposit)$$$.$$