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Kansas State University

Longevity Bonus Payments

Upon completion of 10 years of service, each classified employee, excluding any employee on a temporary appointment, shall be eligible for longevity pay. The amount of each longevity bonus payment shall be computed by multiplying $40 by the number of years of state service, not to exceed $1000 for 25 years.

Longevity bonus payments shall be included in the employee's regular pay warrant for the pay period in which their service date occurs. The amount of the bonus is displayed separately on the employees' pay stub.

Classified employees hired or rehired on or after June 15, 2008 are no longer eligible for a longevity bonus payment as amended by House Bill 2916. For these individuals, prior years of benefit eligible employment will continue to count toward the service date for leave accrual and retirement purposes, but will no longer result in a longevity bonus payment.

Department personnel specialist are able to review the longevity bonus payments due each pay period in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) by accessing Compensation > Base Compensation > Longevity Bonus > Classified Longevity Bonus. For further details on viewing this page, or for questions regarding longevity bonus payments, contact Kristi Fronce at (785) 532-1889.