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Kansas State University

Hourly Student Employment Reminders

Fall 2013 Hourly Student Employment Reminders

Hourly student employees must be enrolled at K-State in at least six credit hours during the fall semester to be eligible for employment. Please refer to the KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter 4720, Hourly Student Employees for more details.

Employment for the fall semester begins August 18, 2013. Refer to Payroll and Employment Dates.

The last day student employees can work if not enrolled during the fall is August 25, 2013. Those employees must be terminated from the student payroll. Note: Student terminations can be processed by entering an Appointment End Date on line.

For students being rehired or coming back after being off for the summer, please verify that they meet the enrollment requirement of at least six hours. Verify the student's address and direct deposit information in HRIS are current.

When hiring or rehiring hourly students complete an Hourly Student Data Sheet (PER 40) (pdf). Refer to the Instructions on completing the PER 40.

Students are to be hired or rehired into vacant positions. You may find it helpful to run the "Position Funding Report by Department" for students only. This report will indicate vacant positions as of a certain date. Instructions for running this report are on our HRIS Reports page.

College Work Study Program - please indicate on the PER 40 (pdf) whether the student is eligible. If the section is not completed on the PER 40, Payroll & Employee Data staff will assume that the student is eligible for College Work Study.

On Campus Work Permits are required for non-immigrant hourly student employees. They are issued by International Student and Scholar Services. Personnel Specialists should complete the online form Request for International Student On-Campus Work Permit. Work permits include expiration dates and must be renewed prior to that date to remain on the payroll. For further information please refer to work permits.

All students, except F-1 visa holders, are limited during the academic year to 30 hours of work during calendar weeks when classes or final examinations are in session three full days or more and to 40 hours during other weeks. Students who hold an F-1 visa are limited during the academic year, excluding student recesses, to 20 hours of work per week. When employed in more than one department concurrently, the sum of hours worked in all departments may not exceed these maximums.

Student employees are exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes while enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at KSU during the fall or spring semester or 3 credit hours during the summer session. Student employees with F-1 visas are usually not subject to these taxes at any time.

Questions may be referred to Payroll & Employee Data, Human Resources at 532-6277.