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Employing a Graduate Student in their Final Semester

A student must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant or a Graduate Assistant. However, an exception may be requested from the Graduate School during an employee's final semester to allow them to be enrolled in fewer hours.

The request to the Graduate School should include:

  • Name of student and ID number
  • Statement indicating that it is the student's last semester
  • Termination date of assistantship
  • Request for resident tuition including the number of hours

Note: If the student does not complete all requirements by the designated semester, the tuition will be reassessed as non-resident.

During their final semester, the number of hours enrolled determines the length of employment on a GTA/GRA/GA appointment:

Hours Enrolled Appointment Ends By
Fall Semester Spring Semester
1 September 14 February 14
2 September 30 February 28/29
3 October 15 March 14
4 October 31 March 30
5 November 17 April 17

If a department wishes to continue to employ this graduate beyond the above dates, the department can transfer this graduate employee to a temporary or term unclassified appointment (see PPM Chapter 4650 Unclassified Employee Personnel Actions) or a temporary classified appointment (see PPM Chapter 4460 Classified Employee Personnel Actions)