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Completing the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

Section 1: Employee Information and Verification (To be completed and signed by the employee at any time after the acceptance of the job offer but no later than the end of the first day of work.)

Employee completes:
  1. Name (Last, First, MI)
  2. Maiden Name (if applicable)
  3. Address (Street name and Number, Apt., City, State and Zip Code)
  4. Date of Birth (month/day/year)
  5. Social Security Number
  6. Reads warning and attests to his or her citizenship or immigration status by checking one of the following. Must indicate Alien # or Admission # if a lawful permanent resident or alien authorized to work is marked.
    • A citizen of the United States
    • A noncitizen national of the United States - (Noncitizen nationals of the United States are persons born in American Samoa, certain former citizens of the former Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and certain children of noncitizen nationals born abroad.)
    • A Lawful Permanent Resident (Alien # A______________)
    • An alien authorized to work (Alien # or Admission #_____________)
      until (expiration date, if applicable - month/day/year) _______________
  7. Employee signs and dates the form.
Preparer and/or Translator Certification

This section is to be completed if your employees cannot complete Section 1 by themselves or if they need the form translated. The preparer or translator must read the form to the employee, assist him or her in completing Section 1, and have the employee sign or mark the form in the appropriate place. The preparer or translator must then complete the Preparer/Translator Certification block on the Form I-9. (pdf)

Note: If the information in Section 1 is typed, then the Preparer/Translator Certification block must be completed.

Section 2: Employer Review and Verification (To be completed and signed by employer within 3 business days of hire.)

The employer must examine one document from List A or examine one document from List B and one from List C. Refer to the back of Form I-9 (pdf) for a list of acceptable documents. Documents from List A establish both the identity and the employment eligibility. Documents from List B establish identity and documents from List C establish employment eligibility. After examining and copying the documents, the Employer will complete:

  1. The title, number and expiration date, if any, of the documents under the appropriate List category.
  2. Certify the documents have been examined and fill in the month/day/year of when the employee began employment.
  3. Signature of Employer or Authorized Representative
  4. Print Name
  5. Enter Title
  6. Enter Business or Organization Name & Address
  7. Date (month/day/year/) Note: All dates should reflect that the form has been completed within three business days of hire.

NOTE: Employers cannot accept expired documents. Document copies must be submitted to HR with the I-9.

Section 3: Updating and Reverification (To be completed by the employer).

When an employee's work authorization expires, you must reverify his or her employment authorization by using Section 3 of the Form I-9 (pdf). Please indicate employee's name in Section 1 of the I-9 and complete item C. The employee must present a document that shows either an extension of the employees initial employment authorization or new work authorization. If the employee cannot provide you with proof of current work authorization, you cannot continue to employ that person. In addition, if an employee is rehired after a break in service of 30 days or more Section 3 also needs to be completed. Please indicate employee's name in Section 1, indicate rehire date under B and sign in this section.

For further information please refer to the "Handbook for Employers, Instructions for Completing Form I-9", issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at (pdf)

For a summary of the recent changes, refer to New I-9 Changes (pdf)

Samples of completed Form I-9: